Veja SDU White Dried Petal Vegan Sneaker

Casual and stylish sneakers by Veja are made that much cooler by the fact that they're vegan! 

Price $139.00

Product Description

Upper made from recycled plastic bottles
Panels made out of vegan suede
Logo V made of sustainably-harvested rubber 
Lining  made of recycled polyester jersey

Insole made out of EVA, recycled EVA and wild rubber
Sole made out of EVA and wild rubber from the Amazonian forest (25%)

The B-Mesh used by Veja is made from recycled plastic bottles. 3 plastic bottles are used to create a pair of sneakers. This upcycling process creates a smart fabric, both breathing and waterproof.

Made in the state of Rio Grande Do Sul in Brazil, workers’ rights are respected and extra hours are paid. Veja's continuously evolving standards push them to adapt and constantly improve the fabrication conditions. Regularly scheduled social audits carried out in the factories are a part of Veja's certification processes (Fair Labor Organization FLO-Cert and Ecolabel). 

Notes on Fit: Fits a bit big. We recommend measuring your foot and referring to the size guide here to find your correct size!

Available early April 2019. Email us at to be added to the list to be notified when they are available!


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