What's Fluffy & Cozy & Fuzzy, but not Woolly?

November 13, 2018

What's Fluffy & Cozy & Fuzzy, but not Woolly?

...why it's vegan toques from SOULiers Studio, of course! 

For this fall/winter season, we've teamed up with the amazingly talented Canadian maker Tanya Manoryk from T's Crochet Shoppe . The idea came to me after I'd asked her to custom-make an all-vegan toque for me last year. See, most toques have some wool in them and I wanted to be sure that my toque was 100% vegan. 

Some people have asked me what's wrong with sheep's wool. Well on the surface, it may seem rather harmless since the animals just get shaved, right? Want to know why you should choose vegan yarns over wool? 

Sheep would only grow enough wool to protect themselves from the elements normally but we genetically manipulate them to become "wool-making machines". Since shearers are often paid by volume, sheep can be mistreated in the process and the shearing can cut the sheep. Those wounds are often sewn shut with a needle and thread and no anaesthetic. Sheep feel pain just like us. Can you imagine what that would be like? 

Moreover, why would you choose wool when you can find beautiful products like ours at SOULiers Studio (and through our amazing brands!).


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