Meet the Maker: Rebecca Mink of Mink Shoes

August 26, 2017

Meet the Maker: Rebecca Mink of Mink Shoes

About Rebecca

I haven't met Rebecca Mink in person...yet...but on the phone and over email, Rebecca exudes lightness and love. It's refreshing, especially when there are those vegans who choose to take a position that is at once adversarial and judgmental. It's my firm belief that this approach is never the right one and so I'm grateful to have a partner like Rebecca who is like-minded. 

Before becoming the vegan shoe maven that she is today, Rebecca was a fashion stylist and model. This is ultimately what led her to pursue creating her own brand of beautiful vegan shoes. At the time, there were few good options (if any) for stylish vegan shoes and as an animal lover, Rebecca was troubled by the thought of using leather products. So she travelled to Italy to seek out a shoemaking partner. Well, she found shoemakers all right, but they ushered her out the door, telling her there was no way to make high quality, designer shoes with non-leather materials. That is until she found her match. Finally, someone was willing to take a chance on her and try to make beautiful vegan shoes. And in the factory where Louboutins, Jimmy Choos, and Chanel shoes are made by 4th and 5th generation shoe artisans. All that patience and perseverance paid off! 

Mink x Collaborators 

Rebecca and Mink are among the first to create luxury designer footwear in North America. In addition to creating shoes that sell to retail (like the Mink ballet flats we carry at SOULiers Studio), Rebecca collaborates with clients to create some very unique, custom (and sometimes fantastical) shoes. Celeb vegan Miley Cyrus has her own custom Minks, of course! Check out some of those styles here

Last year, Rebecca and Mink collaborated with PETA to create limited-edition vegan ostrich print ballet flats, with proceeds going to PETA's advocacy work to help alleviate animal exploitation in the fashion industry. The collaboration also exposed cruelty in ostrich use, which is often used in handbags. One of the coolest things about this collaboration, and frankly all Mink shoes, is that it illustrates that we don't need to exploit animals to make beautiful shoes and other traditionally "leather" products. Rebecca is also the key collaborator behind reality star and tattoo artist, Kat Von D's upcoming line of vegan footwear. 

Mink Couture

And the piece de resistance is Rebecca's latest design, so appropriately called "unicorn". They are the sparkliest, prettiest shoes! They are available in a beautiful set of sparkly color finishes. You can even choose your preferred heel height - 4.5", 3.5", or the 2" kitten heel. They're also available as ballet flats. What to choose...what to choose...

If you'd like to order a pair for yourself, let us know at exciting news to follow shortly about what we have in store with Mink! 


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