Every Day Young: What A Concept

June 04, 2017

Every Day Young: What A Concept

I recently caught up with Bethany Rachael Jones, a pretty awesome Kiwi woman whose website, EY Mag (Every Day Young Mag), is all about providing a resource to women on positive ageing, health & wellness, and leading a sustainable lifestyle. I asked her a few thought-provoking questions.  
How long have you been plant-based?

I have been pretty close to being 100% vegan for the past nine months. Before that, I was a pescatarian for the past seven years. I have watched many documentaries and followed vegan people online for many years so I was quite familiar with the lifestyle. I made the switch because I realized that being a vegetarian or cutting down on eating meat is not really enough and often you are just transferring the cruelty from one group of animals to another.

What motivated you to launch the Every Day Young Mag website?

I have always been interested in health and wellness before it was ‘popular’ to be! A couple of years back I got heavily into yoga and was practicing almost every day. I found it so transformational in helping to really get connected to who I am and what I'm here to do. I found myself regularly hunting online for cool sustainable yoga clothing and I had already cut out buying leather at that point so I was also looking for well-made leather alternatives. I found that there was a good connection between the yoga lifestyle which practices ‘ahimsa’ – ‘non-violence’ and vegan ethics and thought it would be great to mesh them together into an online resource that promotes a plant-based diet with the yoga lifestyle while promoting new sustainable products/businesses.

How has the response been so far?

The response has been quite positive. I am still practicing my writing, working on my brand, and refining my message so hopefully, everything will keep improving and getting better – that’s the plan anyway! My next focus is to put more time into photography and social media so I am excited to start working on that soon.

Where do you hope to take this initiative? What is your end goal (if there is one!)?

My hope is that the brand and the site will continue to grow and hopefully a little community will develop! I would also like to get some other writers/bloggers/recipe creators on-board at some point. I also have an idea for a sustainable product range that will fit with the site's brand/message so I plan to start working on that soon while still developing the site.

How would you describe your personal style? How does it mesh with your positive aging "mantra"?

I love a lot of colours/prints. I am rapidly moving away from black and into wearing more white. I find that black only works really well with other black clothes! I think as women age they can’t start to feel ‘invisible’ - wearing colour and having fun with fashion can really help with that loss of visibility in our society.

What is the hardest thing for you about being vegan/plant-based?

I don’t find the diet difficult. I don’t see it as a deprivation or a restriction in any way. I think there has been a lot of negativity in the media recently towards diets or ‘extreme’ diets that cut a lot of things out. I really have no interest in eating any animal products as they do not appeal whatsoever. I feel so good on a plant based diet! Being different is probably the most challenging thing and that is probably what stops a lot of people from becoming vegan. The amazing thing is that we now have all of these online communities for support so you never feel alone in your decision!

What is the biggest myth you’ve heard about being vegan?

That you can’t survive without eating meat or that you simply won’t be healthy which is so completely untrue! I do think you have to make sure you are getting everything you need which is something I often address on the site. There are so many plant-based alternatives that are so much healthier for you - it is just a matter of finding them and knowing where to buy them.

What is your hope for the vegan movement in the next 5 years?

My hope is that it will grow of course! I think it is rapidly growing particularly amongst younger people. I have seen so many vegan teenagers on Instagram - which is great. I think social media has been a game-changer in helping to promote the movement. It is simply unsustainable for us as a planet to continue eating meat and to have large paddocks full of animals that would be better used for growing organic produce. Plus we are giving animals large amounts of water when in some countries children have no clean water!

What do you think it's going to take for the vegan movement/ethical fashion/sustainability to truly move into the mainstream? 

I think the organic produce movement is definitely becoming more mainstream. Sustainable fashion really is the next step. Countries like Germany are just so far advanced in this regard - they have supermarkets entirely dedicated to organic products! There is a lot of new sustainable clothing brands forming there also. It is all about becoming more conscious about what you are supporting with your dollars. Choosing between sustainable ways of growing food or ways that are going to be depleting our soils and polluting our environment. It’s the same for fashion. Our media traditionally has been so controlled and people got most of their ideas of how to live from their parents or television. The Internet has really opened things up in terms of us now becoming much more educated in all of our buying decisions!

What 5 things would you HAVE to bring with you to a remote desert island?

Coconut oil – I use it for everything I am obsessed; my pillow - I am also obsessive about sleep. I am usually asleep by 9.30 every night!; a colourful printed strapless one piece swimsuit; good natural sun protection of course; and my family – can’t leave them behind! ;)

How do you reconcile positive aging with the actual aging process? And by that I mean, that we still live in a society that equates youth with beauty. How do we go about debunking that myth and shifting the mindset that beauty appears at every age?

I love this question! This is also something I am constantly thinking about as I work on the site. I think that media/brands need to be showing women of all ages in its advertising. Some brands are doing this really well and some are not! Recently, Estee Lauder used twenty-one-year-old Kendall Jenner in an ad for an anti-ageing product. Plus less airbrushing, wrinkles can be beautiful.

We need to have women of all ages portrayed in the media/movies as doing exciting things and living interesting lives beyond social expectations. I think it is happening – slowly!

I like to think that, on the site, I promote natural beauty. When you love yourself and accept yourself there is less stress around ageing and more emphasis on doing those things that help you to feel good about yourself as you age – taking care of your skin, exercising, dressing well - but doing it for you! Because you are confident in yourself and you love yourself!

What is your favorite style trend this season? 

The shirt dress - I am actually working on a feature for next month’s Sports Luxe Edit! You can belt them or add accessories to dress them up. Or simply wear them unbuttoned over a pair of skinny jeans or denim cutoffs and a white tank for daytime or the beach. You can also wear them with strappy heels for evening wear or strappy flats or lightweight sneakers for daytime. They are a must-have versatile piece!

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