Conscious Coupling with a Conscience

June 29, 2017

Conscious Coupling with a Conscience

So you're getting married. It's quite possibly one of the most exciting times in your life...but also one of the most daunting. Not only are you about to declare your love for your partner in front of lots of people, but you're also planning a party for all of your "closest" friends and family - big or small. Said party is supposed to reflect who you and your spouse are. Your guests are supposed to have a magical time and you're supposed to look and feel better than ever. And there are for what will go into making your wedding great. From the dress to the flowers to the shoes (that's where we at SOULiers Studio come in!), to food, to doilies (do people use those anymore anyways?!), to the venue, etc. That said, the choices certainly get narrower when you make the choice to have an ethical and/or vegan wedding. 

At SOULiers Studio, we have a few ideas about ethical weddings that we thought we'd share. We recently did a wedding series with a selection of our beautiful vegan shoes that we think pair perfectly - and uniquely - with lots of styles of wedding dresses. Head over to our Instagram or Pinterest to check them out! Here are a few ideas we have on putting on an ethical wedding:


If you're vegan, you'll want to avoid silk. Although if you do opt for silk, look for a more ethical choice - Ahimsa silk - which is considered to be much more humane than regular silk making where the moths are killed. With Ahimsa silk, ask for silk where the moth pupa are allowed to hatch and where the empty cocoon is then used. Ahimsa silk, however, remains controversial, since it is still harvesting from a sentient being. Other possibilities include organic taffeta, linen, and hemp. You could also consider a vintage dress or renting! Lots of options available for your big day. Check out Eluxe Magazine has a feature on seven sustainable wedding dress designers. 


How fortuitous. You need look no further than SOULiers Studio for your vegan wedding footwear! For a fun look and an amazing pop of colour, we'd suggest the CONFETTI HEELS for the ceremony. And then, when you're ready to cut loose on the dance floor, you could switch 'em up for the CONFETTI FLATS! Perfect. Another option is the HEY SIMONE block heel sandal in vegan suede, a great option if your dress has a black sash or other accent. It's such a sophisticated look and perfect for an outdoor wedding since there's no chance of your heels sinking into the grass. Or, what about a gorgeous designer, classic look that will keep you comfortable all day long but that will also provide the sweetest look as your toes peep out from under your dress. The MINK PATENT FLATS are available in red and black. These designer shoes are handcrafted in the same workshops in Italy as Chanel, Louboutin, and Jimmy Choo shoes. They are the finest in Italian design and crafting, without compromising your values. 


The environmental toll of the florist industry is enormous - from land, water, and pesticide use, and the GHGs associated with shipping, often from far away places. I suggest looking to local, organic farms that grow organic and indigenous varieties of flowers and plants. An example in my area is Roots and Shoots Farm (in the Ottawa area). They offer the most beautiful bouquets for direct sale at Farmers Markets but also through local florists. It's such a great option to support local, organic farming.


Speaking of, they grow beautiful vegetables and herbs as well. There are so many vegan catering options out there these days. It's guaranteed that no one will miss the meat! 

I'm not re-inventing the wheel on anything here - there are plenty of great resources out there for building a sustainable, ethical, vegan wedding. Even Martha Stewart has a guide. Here are a few interesting links we came across in our research. 

The Knot - Your Eco-Friendly Wedding Guide

Martha Stewart - How to Throw a Vegan Wedding 

PETA - How to Plan the Perfect Vegan Wedding 

Veg News - How to Plan the Perfect Vegan Wedding

General Wedding Directory - Canada's Bridal Directory

Happy trails!





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