Four Tips for How to Care for Your Vegan Shoes

September 11, 2017

Four Tips for How to Care for Your Vegan Shoes

Hi folks! Top 5 Lists are overdone, don't you think? And we're all time-starved, right?!'s my Top 4 Easy Tips for keeping your shoes in beautiful condition. 

1. Remove Stains and Surface Dirt: While various types of materials and finishes can be used for vegan shoes - from matte to patent faux leather and vegan micro-suede - you can easily get rid of surface dirt with a soft brush or cloth. For surface stains, try using a slightly dampened cloth. For removing stains on micro-suede materials, gently pat the stain with a paper towel. For dried-in stains like coffee, gently brush the stained area. If the above method doesn’t work, try wiping the stained area with a well-wrung cloth dampened with lukewarm water. With micro-suede fabrics, it's important to be gentle. After removing the stain, allow the fabric to dry completely before wearing. For stains like oils, cosmetics, shoe polish (i.e. oil-based), use a cloth dampened with ethyl alcohol to blot the affected area. Follow up with a cloth dampened with water. 

You may have noticed that we carry Bhava Studio's beautiful booties. Bhava has taken shoe care to new heights by even offering a vegan shoe care kit! It's definitely a great way to protect your shoe investment for season after season wear.

2. Maintain the Soles: Check the soles of your shoes for wear and tear at least once per season. Make sure to re-sole your shoes when you notice significant wear of the rubber/outsoles. Don't leave worn soles for too long because once the upper part  begins to wear as well, sadly, there may be no possibility of repairing them at all (I've been guilty of ruining some of my favorite pairs over the years because I've walked on worn soles for too long). 

3. Pack Smart for Travel: When traveling, make sure you pack your shoes or boots in a dust bag. This will preserve the surface and prevent nicks or scratches. It will also help keep the shape of the shoes intact. 

4. Buy Quality over Quantity. Choose well-made ethical footwear. Sure, that pair of "accidentally vegan" shoes from a store like Spring might be tempting and cheap (and trendy) but they're not made to last which means that you'll have to replace them more often. Ultimately, you would have been better off buying the higher quality pair that will stand the test of time! At SOULiers Studio we only carry well-made, high quality shoes. They're durable and are designed to wear better over the long run. That said, it's still important to give your shoes a tune-up every once in a while. 

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