A Family Affair

July 28, 2018

A Family Affair

When starting your own business, having family and friend support can make all the difference. While there have certainly been some naysayers amidst my loved ones (who shall remain nameless but whom I love nonetheless!), I'm very grateful for all the encouragement and support I've received.

My advice: when people offer to help, take them up on it! Think about the skills sets that person offers and the kind of help you really need. And even if your family and friends don't think to offer, don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

 Here's how my family members and friends have, and continue to, help:

My sister-in-law: She is a natural-born connector and she's francophone. So when the opportunity came up to Montreal Vegan Fest last year, I knew I couldn't do it without her. She was my right-hand woman and we had a blast!

My best friend: She hears about every story, every lament, every triumph. She is first and foremost my sounding board and relentless support. She also consults on styles we carry at SOULiers Studio, helps at festivals, and picks up shoe boxes for me.

My dad: He is an artist. And also pretty much the most supporting and willing person I know. He has done some beautiful shoe sketches (can be seen on Instagram). He also does photoshop work and the occasional design piece for me. 

My brother: He's the numbers guy. He's always asking for weekly updates: how many pairs did I sell, what's my profit, how did the customer find me, etc. It keeps me on my toes and I like it!

My circle of friends: jThey are my sounding board on styles and products to offer. They help me at festivals. They show up, literally and figuratively, and it's amazing. 

The Vegan Community Writ Large: One of the best parts (and one that I didn't foresee) when I launched my business was the incredible and supportive community of like-minded vegans that are so dedicated to promoting for a kinder way of living. Here are just a few that I wanted to mention:

1. The incredible volunteers at Montreal Vegan Festival and Ottawa Veg Fest.

2. The social media network and media outlets that have supported my venture, to name a few: Jillian Harris, YOWCityStyle, ChiChiBlogazine, Ms Beltempo, Best Health Magazine, StylebyKimXO, Everyday Young Mag, Sam Turnbull from It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken, LettuceLiv, and so many more!

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